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[VIDEO NEWS] The bitcoin wave

Jan 16,2018
1) A soldier in the Air Force: “These days, whenever soldiers visit the computer room in a military camp, most of them check the market price of bitcoin first.”

2) A public official in Sejong: “Everyone talks about bitcoin these days.”

3) The popularity of Bitcoin is spreading throughout the military and public employees.

4) Despite the difficulty of checking market prices constantly, soldiers are investing in the Bitcoin market so

5) Public officials, who are in charge of managing the nation’s major policies, are also hugely influenced by “the Bitcoin wave.”

6) Due to the real estate market’s fluctuation, their desire to hit the jackpot is also increasing.

7) The experts are divided on cryptocurrency’s growing popularity.

8) Rhyu Si-min (author): “Bitcoin is a currency that isn’t productive at all. People who are against the government’s regulation to stop the bitcoin trade are the ones who’ve already invested their money in the bitcoin market.”

9) Jeong Je-sun (A professor at Kaist): “Rhyu’s statement fundamentally derogates the advancement happening in the blockchain system and cryptocurrency technology. Although I do agree with the idea that heated bitcoin speculation is inappropriate, closing the bitcoin market is the worst solution to solve this.”

10) People who agree with banning cryptocurrency transactions think that the current trend is speculation and should be regulated.

11) People who disagree with the ban assert that if a cryptocurrency system doesn’t develop in Korea, a blockchain platform can’t be commercialized within the country. They also think that the government could abandon the opportunity to embrace a new technology.

12) Like the internet, blockchain and cryptocurrency could change our daily lives.

13) Whether the government should intervene to the extent of cooling the bitcoin market is yet to be decided.

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Directed by Lee Jeong-bong
Produced by Kim Hyeong-jo
Translated by Kim Hyeon-sung
Edited by James Constant