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[VIDEO NEWS] Policemen’s Quick Thinking Results in Arrest of Convenience Store Robber

Jan 29,2018
1) Jan. 7, 4 a.m., a man walked into a convenience store pretending to shop, but turned out to be a robber.
2) The man pulled out a knife to threaten the cashier.
3) Startled, she tried to resist, but couldn’t.
4) The culprit snatched 350,000 won ($329) in cash and ran.
5) A few moments later, police headed to the scene after receiving a report.
6) Once the victim calmed down, the police checked CCTV footage to help identify the robber.
7) The footage was copied and spread among police via Kakao Talk, a popular messaging app.
8) With a number of patrol cars, the policemen blocked the expected escape routes.
9) During his search, Officer Han Ho-jin encountered a man with features similar to the man in the CCTV footage, and approached him.
10) The man turned out to be the culprit, and Officer Han arrested him immediately.
11) Apprehended about 20 minutes after the incident, the culprit was brought to the local patrol division.
12) Sgt. Jeon Joo-hwan / Inspected crime scene and shared CCTV footage: “We checked the CCTV, copied the footage and shared it on the team’s Kakao Talk chat room.”
13) Officer Han Ho-jin / Policeman who made the arrest: “I was tracking the expected escape route, and the culprit’s sweater, jeans and shoes caught my eye. I stopped my car, approached him, questioned him and finally arrested him. “
14) Officer Bae Jin-seong / Policeman who spread information on radio: “We followed the manual. It’s something we get better at over time. We were just acting naturally, by conditioned reflexes.”

Video sourced from JoonAng Ilbo
Video provided by Gwanak Police Station
Video produced by Public Relations Department
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Matthew Silberman