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[VIDEO NEWS] Visiting national parks without leaving home

Jan 29,2018
1) The Korea National Park Service has released new virtual reality tours that immerse users in the beauty of Korea’s national parks.
2) The tours show major places of interest in the national parks with 3-D, 360-degree video, allowing people to experience nature without physically visiting the parks.
3) The newly released virtual tours include 12 places of interest in four national parks, including Mount Odae, Gyeongju, Mount Naejang, and Mount Deogyu.
4) With these 12 additions, the National Park Service now offers VR tours of 32 locations in total.

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video provided by Korea National Park Service
Video produced by Park Jong-hyun
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Matthew Silberman