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[VIDEO NEWS] College student criticized for publicizing sexual assault

Feb 01,2018
1) “God, she’s so selfish. Why do we all have to suffer just because of her?”

2) Recently, an incident of sexual assault occurred in a sports club of Chung-Ang University.

3) On Nov. 15, 2017, two members of the club went to “A’s” studio apartment after a meeting and drank alcohol.

4) After A got drunk, “B” and the other club member left A’s house.

5) However, B returned to A’s house and sexually assaulted A while she was asleep.

6) After the incident, A asked the board members of the club to make a public statement on the case.

7) However, they avoided A’s demands. They said it was “worrisome”, that they “didn’t want to make a fuss” and A should “watch out.”

8) A, shocked at their reactions, eventually had to be hospitalized and treated for PTSD.

9) Even after that, some members of the club went as far as arguing for the victim’s expulsion.

10) The board members and staff bluntly expressed their feelings against A, even calling her a “weirdo.”

11) “Why should the entire club suffer just because of one weirdo?” – One anonymous member

12) “We need to make up a reason to expel her.”

13) “Can’t we just get rid of her?”

14) Finally, on Jan. 17, A reported the president of the club as a “secondary assailant.”

15) A also asked for a public written apology on the secondary damage done by board members and a restraining order against them.

16) The club responded by saying, “Although the incident happened between members of the club, it is unrelated to the club itself as it happened in a private gathering.”

17) Though there were some harsh remarks involving the expulsion of the victim, those are personal opinions of some board members, not the official position of the club.”

18) A was ostracized from the club instead of receiving help after being sexually assaulted.

19) People are continuing to point out that overlooking and covering up sexual assault can cause damage beyond the original crime.

Video sourced from JoonAng Ilbo
Directed by Ahn Na-young
Produced by Oh Da-seul
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Matthew Silberman