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[VIDEO NEWS] North Korean lives captured on tape by a college professor

Feb 07,2018
1) The following footage was filmed by a South Korean professor in 2013. He secretly filmed North Koreans while traveling through places including Chongjin in North Hamgyong province.

2) Recently, footage from inside North Korea was released.

3) A North Korean man is smoking marijuana.

4) “What’s that?”

5) “I plucked it when I was in Chongjin.” -North Korean man

6) “Here, smell it.” -North Korean man

7) “Smells like ‘ssiragi.’” -North Korean man

8) “What does that mean?”

9) “Grass. It smells like grass.” -North Korean man

10) Another North Korean man:

11) This man asks to exchange his torn 100 dollar bill for a new one.

12) “Do you have a new one? Something cleaner…” -North Korean man

13) “A 100 dollar bill.” -North Korean man

14) “You don’t have one?” -North Korean man

15) “All right. Never mind if you don’t.” -North Korean man

16) This is a customs office that inspects foreigners’ luggage.

17) Inspecting carefully…

18) He finds an adult product.

19) He looks at it curiously.

20) “How do you plug this in?” -North Korean Customs Officer

21) The officer asks how to operate the toy all of a sudden.

22) After he understands how to use the battery and adapter,

23) he sneakily confiscates it and puts it in another room.

24) Other footage shows students in a library in North Hamgyong

25) playing card games on an old-fashioned computer,

26) children on roller skates and bicycles,

27) even a North Korean man criticizing South Korean former President Lee Myung-bak.

28) “After Lee Myung-bak became president, the North and South relationship worsened…”

29) “and [exports such as clothes or lumber] all got cut.”

30) This footage was filmed by Prof. Cho Hyun-jun of Keimyung University in Daegu.

31) Cho went into North Korea for a week in November 2013, and discreetly captured the lives of locals.

32) Cho emphasized that because the filming was done in secret,

33) the footage showed the reality of North Korea without any staging.

Video Sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video Provided by Professor Cho Hyun-jun
Produced by Park Seung-young
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Matthew Silberman