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[VIDEO NEWS] #MeToo Movement faces ridicule online

Feb 13,2018
1) “I was also sexually harassed today.  I want to press charges on the owner. I ordered pig skin, but why would they give me nipples? Where can I report this? #MeToo”

2) The #MeToo movement spread after the recent investigation regarding sexual harassment against Prosecutor Seo Ji-hyeon.

3) It is a campaign where people go online and share their experience of sexual harassment.

4) But while the movement has been gaining momentum, some have actively tried to ridicule and belittle it.

5) “I wasn’t invited to a birthday party in elementary school. #MeToo”

6) “Jjajang’s on the lunch menu today. #MeToo”

7) “I’m going to have instant noodles for breakfast. #MeToo”

8) “I can eat a whole chicken by myself haha. #MeToo”

9) Posts that mock the meaning of the movement by including the hashtag #MeToo are continually being posted.

10) These posts pressure victims into remaining silent by ridiculing them instead of sympathizing with them.

11) Even law students ridiculed the #MeToo movement.

12) “I want all cleaning ladies who enter men’s bathrooms to be punished for indecent assault. I’m tired and sick of #MeToo. #MeThree”

13) This was posted on Lawinus, a community for those in the legal profession and law students.

14) The culture of mocking the victims is also a form of violence that forces silence on the victims.

15) We should seek for a society where everyone can support victims rather than jeering at them behind the mask of anonymity.

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Directed by Kim Hwa-jeong
Produced by Oh Da-seul
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Hoyeon Yoo