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[VIDEO NEWS] President Moon Jae-in shows support for the Me Too movement in Korea

Feb 28,2018
1) “The Me Too movement is spreading throughout every field of our society.” –Korean President Moon Jae-in

2) “I believe that this is an issue that had to come out now, because it had been festering for too long and was bound to erupt any time.”

3) “I especially think that the expectations of our people, who believe in this government borne by the candlelight revolution and its volition for solving gender equality and women’s rights problems, have affected this movement.”

4) “I am taking the Me Too movement very seriously.”

5) “I send my respect to the courage of the victims who revealed what they suffered, and fully support the Me Too movement.”

6) “First, the authorities must respond to these courageous acts from the victims and investigate the cases thoroughly.”

7) “There must be harsh punishments for men who use their power or status to trample on women in a weaker position than theirs, whatever the form of violence or their relationship is, and whatever the perpetrator’s rank or title may be.”

Video sourced from JoonAng Ilbo
Video provided by JTBC
Produced by Cho Su-jin
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Matthew Silberman