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[VIDEO NEWS] A taste of insects from Yecheon

Mar 05,2018
1) In Yecheon County, North Gyeongsang, a number of insect dishes can be found.

2) The ground beetle, an arthropod, looks much more like a worm here.

3) Despite its appearance, its savory flavor is more like shrimp.

4) In Yecheon, ground beetle larvae is called “Gosoae”, meaning ‘savory caterpillars’ in Korean,

5) and a number of recipes using Gosoae, such as pancakes, fries, and noodles, are being developed.

6) Yecheon, the “Insect Town” where 1,300 species of insects can be found,

7) is also home to the first Insect Research Institute of Korea.

8) The institute is developing a variety of insect-based food, making use of insects such as the white-spotted flower chafer beetle and silkworms.

9) An “Insect Café” where various Gosoae food, such as coffee buns and protein shakes made out of Gosoae powder, will be sold

10) is planning to open on March 20.

11) In Yecheon County, there are 50 insect farms that breed insects including the ground beetle.

12) The county is striving to have insect food become a local specialty

13) by introducing recipes and insect flavors in Korea and abroad.

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video provided by Yecheon County, Yecheon Insect Research Institute
Produced by Park Seung-young
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Hoyeon Yoo