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[VIDEO NEWS] One of An Hee-jung’s secretaries has accused the South Chungcheong governor of rape

Mar 06,2018
1) “I tried to send SOS signals to people around me but did not get any help. Once, one of my seniors took notice and asked me if anything like that had happened.” - Kim Ji-eun, secretary of South Chungcheong in an interview on Monday’s JTBC “Newsroom.”

2) “I told that senior about what happened then, but I didn’t get any help. No one told me how I could solve this problem or what I had to do next.”

3) “I was told to reject him at first so I did. I said, ‘I don’t know’ when we were in Switzerland but it became too difficult.”

4) “I even called a mental clinic to get counseling by phone as my schedule was too busy for me to go in person, but they told me counseling by phone wasn’t really possible.”

5) “There was also a similar sexual harassment case from a different person, and I asked for help then.”

6) “But no real effort was made to fix it. So I realized that no one will help me with Gov. An, who is much bigger than this, and that they will just fire me and get it over with.”

7) “The governor would always send me secret telegrams after something like that happened. It would say, ‘I’m sorry. Don’t mind it too much. I was wrong. Just forget it, forget everything.’”

8) “’Just remember the beautiful scenery of Switzerland and Russia. Forget everything else.’ He would always tell me that I should forget, so I thought forgetting was what I had to do.”

9) “So I tried to pretend that memory didn’t exist. I guess I tried to cut everything out and stayed like that.”

10) “The governor came over during the evening recently and he mentioned the Me Too movement. He seemed a bit concerned about Me Too.”

11) “He asked me, ‘I realized I’ve been hurting you, seeing all those Me Too accusations. I’m sorry. Were you okay then?’”

12) “So I thought he wouldn’t do it that day, but he did.”

13) “He would always tell me, ‘I’m sorry for having you, I’m sorry for hurting you. I shouldn’t have done things that I would be ashamed of, but I did.’”

14) “I am very afraid of the changes, the innumerable changes that will happen to me after this interview. But what I am most afraid of is Gov. An.”

15) “I actually thought that I would be no more after today. So I thought, television was a way to secure my safety.”

16) “I wish to be protected by the people through being broadcast. I hope the people protect me, even if it is only by a little, and I hope they can help reveal the truth.”

17) “Because I am so different from the governor, I want to get the same power he has from the people. I wanted to stop him and get myself away from him.”

18) “I know that there are other victims as well. I hope to give them courage. If the people protect me, I think other victims will come out in the open too.”

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video provided by JTBC
Produced by Woo Su-jin
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Hoyeon Yoo