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[VIDEO NEWS] Me Too movement spreads to schools

Mar 07,2018
1) The Me Too movement has now made its way to elementary, middle and high schools.

2) On the #School_MeToo Facebook page created on Feb. 23, users have been anonymously posting stories of sexual harassment they experienced during their school years.

3) The page was created with the momentum of Me Too spreading to various fields of the society.

4) Though the page includes administrators and teachers as well as students, the students are the majority of the victims posting their stories.

5) “While my classmates were having class outdoors, he called me over, made me sit on his lap, stroked me and put his lips on mine.”

6) “When I showed my displeasure, he said, ‘Don’t you kiss your dad? Think of me as your dad,’ and put his tongue out…Then he asked that I do the same.”

7) “Female students are at the lowest level of the power hierarchy in schools, and are vulnerable to sexual harassment,” said the manager of the #School_MeToo page in a post.

8) Sexual harassment against school teachers is also prevalent.

9) “I taught differentiated classes in a middle school in Incheon from September to November, 2009. The vice principal of the school showed interest in me, saying he wished I would marry his son.”

10) “When the staff went to karaoke as a get-together, he hugged be from behind and touched my shoulder and hips. I thought that maybe this was happening to me because I am a temporary instructor of only 3 months, and I felt miserable.”

11) The statistics from the Education Ministry show that staff punished for sexual offenses such as harassment and molestation are increasing.

12) As for now, student victims of sexual assault from people such as teachers don’t even have a proper window to report the offenders.

13) Although there are counselors at every schools and there’s also 117, the call center for school violence,

14) many victims fear of the word getting out in the school or facing negative consequences.

15) Sexual violence is prevalent not only in the cultural field, but also in the political and education fields. It is time to seek a fundamental solution to the problem.

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Directed by Ahn Na-young
Produced by Lee Dae-hong
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Matthew Silberman