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[VIDEO NEWS] Where will the inter-Korean summit be held?

Mar 08,2018
1) North and South Korea agreed that the third inter-Korean summit planned for late April will be held at the “Peace House” in Panmunjom.

2) The Peace House is a three-story stone building located on the South Korean side of the Panmunjom Joint Security Area.

3) Since it was built in 1989, the Peace House has been used mostly as a space for inter-Korean meetings

4) and inside, there is a press room and small meeting room on the first floor and a large meeting room on the third floor.

5) When the summit takes place, Chairman Kim Jong-un will be sitting face to face with President Moon Jae-in in the conference room on the second floor.

6) When the summit is held here in April, Kim Jong-un would become the first North Korean leader to step on South Korean soil.