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[VIDEO NEWS] “Violent Discipline” in College is Ongoing

Mar 12,2018
1) Recently, a group of freshmen all quit a student group in Hongik University. It was in response to Korean university students’ “violent disciplinary culture,” which evokes controversy every year.

2) These students reported experienced up to 30 cases of violence.

3) “The number of your class is the same as your rank. Freshmen have to follow the seniors’ every order,” one student said.

4) Freshmen had to drink a mixture of alcohol, spit, and food waste in one gulp from a bowl.

5) “Young female students have to be flirty with seniors, though they are much older, while drinking. I thought the upperclassmen might be using innocent young girls as playthings, and I was worried and scared,” another student said.

6) The freshmen had to memorize the whole list of the seniors’ names and class numbers, and if one person was late the whole class had to run three laps in under a minute.

7) “Why don’t you suck some d**ks and make your seniors feel good?” one older student reportedly said. The head of the club also used humiliating nicknames for the freshmen.

8) Last December, a similar incident happened at the Korean National University of Arts, causing controversy.

9) Seniors from the dance school gathered the underclassmen in a practice room and beat them. One of the beaten students had to be taken to the emergency room due to difficulty breathing.

10) One student who quit the Hongik University club said, “It’s shocking how they are all discussing how unfair the culture is, then repeat it to the freshmen when they become seniors.”

11) “Don’t they feel anything after seeing all the new recruits quitting in a year? How can they do that if they were victims too?”

12) Netizens are as angry as the freshmen.

13) “It’s the 21st century, and they still seem to think it’s 1988. You rotten young people don’t get to criticize the older generation.”

14) “How are they still doing this in this day and age? It’s no wonder freshmen don’t want to be in clubs.”

15) “LOL, it’s worse than the army. They won’t even do that to you in the army. If you like discipline so much, why don’t you go ahead and enlist?”

16) The disciplinary violence that is being repeated every year must come to an end now. Students should not get absorbed in the twisted culture of discipline and become offenders as soon as they become seniors.

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Directed by Kim Hwa-jeong
Produced by Kim Su-hyeon
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Matthew Silberman