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[VIDEO NEWS] Paralympic Snowboarder Park Hang-seung’s love story

Mar 13,2018
1) “He was a cheerful, funny, and attractive man. Aside from the fact that he was missing his right arm and leg, he was just like any able-bodied person.” - Kwon Ju-ri, wife of Park Hang-seung

2) Park Hang-seung is a national snowboarder for the PyeongChang Paralympics, and Kwon Ju-ri, his wife, recalls her husband before the marriage.

3) The two met on a blind date in 2011.

4) Park lost his arm and leg in a traffic accident when he was four. Kwon knew that her date had an impairment but did not care.

5) “I found his nonchalance towards his impairment attractive. He is a confident and energetic man.” - Kwon Ju-ri, wife of Park Hang-seung

6) After being friends for 2 years, they finally became lovers.

7) “I suggested snowboarding because I wanted to snowboard with him, and he learned with much fervor.” - Kwon Ju-ri, wife of Park Hang-seung

8) Four years ago, Park fell in love with snowboarding, which was initially his wife’s hobby, and he set his goal to compete as an athlete in the 2018 PyeongChang Paralympics.

9) “It wasn’t easy to say yes, but I wanted to let him live the one life he has without any regrets. I said he should try for the three years remaining until the Paralympics.” - Kwon Ju-ri, wife of Park Hang-seung

10) With his wife’s full support, Park gained the courage to quit his job and put everything into snowboarding.

11) The two became husband and wife while preparing for the Paralympics. The skiing ground was not only for training but also for the wedding.

12) However, becoming a national athlete was not easy.

13) The prosthetic leg did not fit the snowboard, and it was difficult for Park to balance himself with just one arm.

14) Most athletes with impairments are missing an arm or a leg, but Park is missing both and therefore at a very disadvantageous situation.

15) However, he did not stop.

16) And his efforts did not disappoint. In 2015, he became a rookie for the Korean Paralympic Committee and a national athlete with a ticket to the 2018 PyeongChang Paralympics a year later.

17) “I kept my promise to my wife. My goal is to win a medal, but it’s okay if I don’t win one. I just want to show everything I have prepared for the last three years in front of my wife.” - Park Hang-seung

18) This couple’s love shines brighter than any gold medal, and this athlete’s passion has made the hearts of those around him beat, too.

Video soured from JoongAng Ilbo
Directed by Kim Hwa-jeong
Produced by Oh Da-seul
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Hoyeon Yoo