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[VIDEO NEWS] Around the world in seonbi (Joseon-era scholar) clothes.

Mar 19,2018
1) “I traveled around the world for a year,

2) wearing the clothes of a seonbi, a scholar from the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910).”

3) “Why did I do that?

4) “Well, because it’s fun.”

5) “I got into college a year later than others because I took the entrance exam twice,

6) and I was traveling around the world

7) when I should have been beginning to get a job.”

8) “I was a latecomer in life.”

9) “When I thought I was too late for everything,

10) I found the pace of living that was right for me during my travels.”

11) “Since them I’ve been less distressed,

12) and less worried.”

13) “Hello, my name is Kang Moon-kyu.”

14) “I am a professional traveler,

15) and run a travel brand called ‘Traventure.’”

16) “One day, an elderly man I met while traveling

17) came up to me and said,

18) ‘What will you do when you return?’”

19) “I wasn’t the type of person who had big dreams

20) or planned things ahead.

21) But I found myself saying,

22) ‘I want to do something related to traveling.

23) I want to keep traveling by my side.’”

24) “I made a travel brand as a one-man business.”

25) “The biggest difference is…you get to travel with me.”

26) “I am confident I can make traveling more local-friendly,

27) and give a better look of the life inside different places,

28) one that is closer to what things are really like.”

29) “At first, I wasn’t sure either

30) of what had changed once I traveled around the world.”

31) “Should I say, ‘I like and love more things now?’”

32) “I think traveling is a tool for thinking.

33) By traveling, I think I gained the power to think and look at things

34) without discrimination.”

35) “Traveling is a tool of imagination that makes me happy.

36) Traveling makes you happy just by preparing for it.

37) It’s a tool that makes you happy

38) from the beginning to the end,

39) and gives you happy thoughts even after you come back.”

40) “Why must we leave? Can we not be happy here?”

41) “Here, there are still relationships between people, friends, and family

42) that decide your identity.

43) So, no matter how hard you try to live a different life or

44) to experience something different here,

45) I think your thoughts get stuck.”

46) “So, you try to find yourself, only yourself,

47) by going somewhere with an unfamiliar language, where you can’t even read the signs.”

48) “In fact, the world nowadays is a world

49) where we have to live uniform lives.

50) But by traveling,

51) you get to experience a life someone else has led,

52) so I recommend that you leave, once in a while.”

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Directed by Kim Hwa-jeong
Produced by An Ji-hye, Lee Dae-hong
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Matthew Silberman