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[VIDEO NEWS] A day at the Korea Army Training Center

Apr 10,2018
1) The trainees wake up when the lights come on. There isn’t a reveille or alarm.

2) After washing up comes the morning jog.

3) Trainees here get a food portion that is 13 percent more than that of other units.

4) Every ingredient in the food, including the beef, is a Korean product.

5) “My favorite was the japchaebab [rice with stir-fried glass noodles and vegetables].” - Park Yoo-bin, a trainee

6) The trainees walk to the training ground outside the barracks.

7) It takes 30 minutes to get to the closer one, and 1 hour and 40 minutes to the training ground farther away.

8) In the morning, the trainees work on zeroing and firing a gun.

9) “I saw you flinching once while shooting. Did you?”

10) “Yes.”

11) In the afternoon, the enlistment ceremony takes place.

12) The Korea Army Training Center is the largest military education institute in the world. Its area is 4.5 million square meters (1.73 square miles), which is 1.3 times the area of Yeouido, western Seoul.

13) It holds 120 thousand soldiers each year, which is 45 percent of the Army’s soldiers.

14) The CBR (chemical, biological and radiological) training is also scheduled in the afternoon.

15) “I do feel scared, but I’ll take it like a man and return home with a sound body.” - Kim Byeong-jo, a trainee

16) “Dear parents, I love you.”

17) In the past, the trainees had to sing a war song after separating the canister from their masks.

18) Today the training is mostly about reassembling the canister with the mask.

19) “Don’t touch it. Don’t touch.”

20) Trainees also receive individual battle training in the afternoon.

21) “Assume the prone position!”

22) When training outside the barracks is over, the trainees return

23) to have dinner and a shower.

24) Hot water is supplied in the showers without any issues, but some of the older barracks need some improved facilities.

25) In the individual inspection sessions at night, trainees get letters their friends or family sent by internet,

26) and look over their weapons before the roll call.

27) The Army Training Center has been test-operating air purifiers since last year.

28) Right before roll call the trainees have a discussion session, watching a video of the training scheduled for the next day.

29) Evening roll call is at 10 p.m. and is done while the trainees lie in their beds.

30) Some trainees go into night-watching duties even after the roll call.

Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Matthew Silberman