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[VIDEO NEWS] Central Seoul has a new bike-only lane in Jongno, but is it safe?

Apr 12,2018
1) Here we are on the bike-only lane.

2) There is a taxi station that overlaps with the lane.

3) A car, trying to make a right turn, is blocking the lane.

4) Cars turning right invade the lane many times, and the city of Seoul is planning to install warning poles and median strips on these sections.

5) Taxis frequently block the lane.

6) On roads with bike-only lanes, there are only five stations and around 20 sections with dotted lines that taxis can stop at.

7) The lane becomes drastically narrower in this section.

8) Some sections do not have the red bike-only marker and completely overlap with the road.

9) Many cars are illegally parked on the lane around shopping districts.

10) In places around markets, such as Sewoon Shopping Center or Gwangjang Market, there are many small trucks and motorcycles that carry cargo.

11) “What? Is this about parking?”

12) “I was just getting something. That’s all.”

13) The bike lane ends here.

14) Awareness of the bike-only lane is still low.

15) Throughout the month of April, 300 public officers in Seoul will be inspecting the roads,

16) and from May until June, 84 traffic control personnel will be on duty.

17) There are currently patrol parties on bikes supervising the bike-only lane,

18) but complaints keep coming in.

19) Seoul will have a grace period of three months and will start handing out fines for violations from July 1.

20) The fine is 40,000 won ($37.41) for motorcycles, 50,000 won for passenger cars and 60,000 won for vans.

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Produced by Kong Seong-ryong
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Hoyeon Yoo