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[VIDEO NEWS] Paengmok Harbor, South Jeolla, on the fourth anniversary of the Sewol ferry disaster

Apr 16,2018
1) Today, April 16, is the fourth anniversary of the Sewol ferry disaster.

2) Paengmok Harbor in Jindo, South Jeolla, which has been fairly empty since last March when families of the victims left,

3) has seen a big increase in visitors since last week.

4) Visitors take walks around the lighthouse with a ribbon painted on it and the memorial altar to remember the disaster.

5) Some visitors have expressed concerns

6) about the resumed construction work near Jindo Port, which was postponed after the disaster.

7) Visitors hope that the construction work will not take away the memories of the Sewol ferry.

8) Right after the disaster, the number of tourists at Jindo Fish Market decreased greatly

9) as people avoided consuming its fish and shellfish products (there were concerns about the effects of the oil spill from the ferry).

10) A fish merchant from Jindo stated that

11) he wished society would understand the pain of the Jindo people

12) who, since the Sewol ferry disaster, have felt the pain of the victims’ families alongside them.

13) The Paengmok Harbor, which was a place of great pain and confusion at the time of the disaster,

14) is marking the fourth anniversary of the disaster in solemn remembrance.

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video provided by Jan Jeong-pil (freelancer)
Produced by Park Seung-young
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Hoyeon Yoo