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[VIDEO NEWS] A wife should “sexually satisfy her husband,” says a kindergarten newsletter

Apr 20,2018
1) A newsletter from a kindergarten in Dongtan, Gyeeonggi, has recently caused much controversy.

2) A section entitled “A wife that a husband wants” was included in the newsletter.

3) According to a Twitter user who posted a picture of the newsletter, “Sexist and sexually harassing quotes like ’1. A wife that gives sexual satisfaction,’ ‘2. A wife that is clean and attractive,’ were written on it. I couldn’t believe that the newsletter came from a kindergarten.”

4) The kindergarten sent the newsletter to appeal to dads, as the May 8 Parents’ Day holiday was approaching.

5) These quotes that sexually objectified women came from the book “The Woman that Men Want, the Man that Women Want” by Kim Seong-muk.

6) “The content of the newsletter feels disgusting and outdated.” -Netizen A

7) “It is shocking and offensive even for a man. You should file a civil complaint in the education office and district centers.” -Netizen B

8) “Seven-year-olds who can read will go up to the teacher and ask, ‘What does sexual satisfaction mean?’ This shouldn’t be taken lightly.” -Netizen C

9) “What will children learn from a kindergarten like that?” -Netizen D

10) Netizens were horrified by the newsletter.

11) The newsletter was mailed along with blank paper, for wives to write a letter to their husbands.

12) The blank paper also had the “six things a husband wants from his wife” written on it.

13) After receiving the newsletter, the parents protested at the kindergarten.

13) In response, the school administration sent out a text message.

14) “We planned this event because we believed that a happy husband and wife give the greatest happiness to the child.”

15) “We are sorry for not being careful enough.”

16) “We thank those parents who have tried to understand our good intentions.”

17) “If there is anyone who would like to help us stop the spread [of the newsletter] among the parents, please contact us.”

18) The kindergarten deleted the controversial phrases from the blank paper, and is still proceeding with the event for the husbands.

19) However, it has not planned any events for mothers on Parents’ Day.

20) On a phone call with JoongAng Ilbo, a teacher from the kindergarten hung up without giving any thorough explanations.

21) The “Global Gender Gap Report 2017” by the World Economic Forum says that Korea’s gender gap score is 0.650, ranking 118 out of 144 countries.

22) Currently, the importance of education about gender consciousness is growing. Education on gender equality should start from an early age.

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Directed by Park Hae-lee
Produced by Oh Da-seul
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Matthew Silberman