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[VIDEO NEWS] Guidebook for kindergarten teachers focuses more on flirting and looks

Apr 24,2018
1) “Be flirtatious.” “Always focus on your looks.”

2) Sexist content in a guidebook for kindergarten teachers is causing much controversy.

3) This guidebook, published in 2017, was designed to educate kindergarten teachers for assessment and accreditation on integrated indicators, but it emphasized aspects of a kindergarten teacher that is unrelated to actual teaching.

4) When the guidebook is seen in detail, the problem becomes more serious.

5) “Chapter 1! Be flirtatious with your colleagues as if you were talking to your boyfriend.”

6) The guidebook says “smiling with your eyes, pronouncing words in a cute way and exaggerating your reactions,” requests unrelated to a teacher’s job, are “essential.”

7) “Chapter 2! Consider yourself as a member of a girl group! Practice these beauty tips to become younger and prettier every day.”

8) “Never use straws as they cause wrinkles on your lips.”

9) “Wear tight-fitting underwear.”

10) “Never cross your legs.”

11) The guidebook includes tips that might otherwise only be found in beauty magazines.

12) Furthermore, multiple pages include tips on how to pick out cosmetic products that match your skin tone and how to dress to look thinner.

13) When the guidebook’s content surfaced, many criticized how it focused on emphasizing teachers’ femininity, something that had nothing to do with the job.

14) Following the controversy, the guidebook’s publisher had the book deleted on its online shopping site, but there has been no other official response.

15) The guidebook placed attention on the “feminine image” of a kindergarten teacher instead of on the job itself.

16) What does our society think of the role of kindergarten teachers?

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Directed by Kim Hwa-jeong
Produced by Kim Hee-sang
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Hoyeon Yoo