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[VIDEO NEWS] The world of professional arm wrestling

May 10,2018
1) “Hello, I am Baek Sung-yeol, and I’m ranked number one in Korea for arm wrestling.”

2) “I won in three weight divisions for the first time, and I’m in the front lines of arm wrestling.”

3) How long would a nonprofessional last against him?

4) (I got this)

5) (Or not)

6) “I think you’ll get hurt if he pushes it.”

7) … and he goes down.

8) “I want to become stronger…”

9) Here are some training tips to help you gain muscle.

10) The anvil grip makes your grip stronger.

11) The arm wrestling handle corrects your posture and helps develop muscle strength.

12) The band develops overall power in the hands, arms and the upper body.

13) This is the basic posture.

14) “You must keep your hand as close to your body as you can.”

15) “Pull as if you are dragging [your opponent] towards you, and keep your eyes on your hands.”

16) “To keep [your opponent] close to you, you have to be careful with maintaining a distance [between your shoulder and hand].”

17) “You see your [opponent’s] thumb?”

18) “The higher you grab the thumb, the higher the advantage you have.”

19) “Your arm has to be synchronized with your body,”

20) “and then you press with your weight.”

21) Now, let’s see if the training was successful.

22) Give me strength, teacher!

23) “The breathing’s really important, you see.”

24) He won!

Video sourced from SILVIS, JoongAng Ilbo
Filming cooperated by SungYeol Baek Armwrestling Gym
Directed by Kim Rok-hwan
Produced by Kim Hee-sang, Lee Dae-hong
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Hoyeon Yoo