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[VIDEO NEWS] Korean competitors at the Paper Airplane World Championship

May 15,2018
1) Korean competitors at the Paper Airplane World Championship

2) “I am Kim Young-jun, and I am the national representative for paper airplanes.” - Kim Young-jun

3) “My record is currently ranked ninth in the world.” -Lee Seung-hoon

4) “I am Lee Jung-wook, a Guinness World Record holder.” -Lee Jung-wook

5) These men went to Europe to represent Korea at the 2015 Paper Airplane World Championship.

6) This paper airplane contest is held every three years.

7) Take a look at what Korea’s national paper airline fliers can do.

8) 1. The boomerang

9) 2. Flying stunts

10) How well will our intern’s plane do?

11) “That plane’s not going to work. The proportions are all off already.”

12) “I’m pretty confident about this plane.”

13) Here’s a little trick to send your paper airplane further.

14) It’s always better to keep the wings in a V shape (dihedral angle).

15) Anhedral angle/dihedral angle

16) With just a little change to the wing’s shape…

17) To anyone who tries folding an airplane after watching this video,

18) why don’t you aim for this year’s championship, too?

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Filming cooperated by WEPLAY
Directed by Kim Rok-hwan
Produced by Kim Hee-sang, Lee Dae-hong
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Matthew Silberman