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[VIDEO NEWS] The Korean military’s ‘Iron Man’ suit

June 04,2018
1) LIG Nex1 has been researching and developing muscle reinforcement robots, a core technology for future infantry systems. Its level of technology is now at 90% compared to developed countries.

2) The Lower Extremity eXOskeleton for Soldiers (LEXO) brand that the company is currently working on has secured key technologies such as hydraulic power packs, sensor processing boards and control algorithms.

3) The exoskeleton supports the weight of the cargo, and it gives the wearer more power to walk through a hydraulic cylinder that is operated by a battery-powered electric motor.

4) The company is currently working on advancing the technology and improving practicality, and is planning to add functions that reinforce the exoskeleton’s torso and decrease the weight of the technology.

5) Muscle reinforcement robots aim to strengthen a soldier’s muscular power so that weapons as heavy as the Raybolt antimissile systems can be lifted with ease and soldiers can move quickly across various types of terrain.

6) Here is reporter Park Yong-han sharing his experience with the muscle reinforcement robot.

7) “It was uncomfortable at first, but you get used to moving after a few steps.” - Park Yong-han, reporter and researcher for the military and security research team

8) “It doesn’t feel like I’m carrying anything. It’s light.”

9) Now let’s add a 15 kilogram (33 pound) weight.

10) “I don’t feel that much different, even with the weight added.”

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Filmed by Kang Dai-seok
Video Edited by Kong Seong-ryong
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Hoyeon Yoo