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[VIDEO NEWS] Four hours of pregnancy

June 11,2018
1) “It’s heavy.”

2) “I’m sweating so much.”

3) “I’m seeing what it is like to be pregnant.”

4) “This is a pregnancy experience kit that I borrowed from a public health center.”

5) “Recently, more men whose wives are pregnant want to try this out.”

6) “Let’s see.”

7) “[The objective of the exercise] is to help better understand what pregnant women experience and to promote higher regard and respect for them.”

8) “There’s a backache causing belt, the feet of the fetus, a bladder pouch”

9) “Now I’ll go out and get the full experience with this suit.”

10) (On his way to a restaurant)

11) “How much does it weigh?”

12) “About six to seven kilograms (13 to 15 pounds).”

13) “It was modeled after a woman who was almost due in her pregnancy.”

14) “I’m hot, so I’m drinking a lot of water.”

15) “It looks a bit smaller than a woman who is actually almost due.” - Kim Mi-ra, a passer-by

16) “When a woman gets pregnant, other parts of her body gain weight, too. This won’t allow him to feel pain in the knees as a real pregnancy would.”

17) “I think it’s great how men are trying to understand women.” - Lee Kyung-ha

18) “Now that I’ve eaten, I’m going to go vote in the regional elections.”

19) “There’s a big line.”

20) “It must be harder for women who are actually pregnant.”

21) Sung-kuk walked up four stories to vote.

22) “All I did was vote, and I’m already so tired.”

23) He’s now on his way to ride the subway.

24) “It’s heavy.”

25) He looks happy to be seated.

26) “I really wanted to sit, but the seats were all full.”

27) “The subway is too tiring. Let’s take the taxi.”

28) “Let’s take the taxi.”

29) “[Pregnancy] is not just about the weight. There are the hormonal changes, and your stomach doesn’t feel good in the morning. I guess the suit won’t allow you to experience that.” - Lee Hyo-ju, 8 months pregnant

30) “Doing something like this is good. But to understand a pregnant woman, you should talk to her.”

31) “Think about the difficulties your wife must be experiencing, listen to what she is thinking about and her hardships, helping her when she needs help.”

32) “I went about my daily life for about four hours in the pregnancy suit.”

33) “The suit only lets you experience the physical weight of the fetus, but it won’t help you understand the hormonal changes, or the pains and fear of pregnancy and childbirth.”

34) “But if more men try to understand pregnant women, their wives and women in general, and if we build a more sexually equal society, I think we’ll be able to accept the idea that pregnancy, childbirth and parenting are not only confined to women.”

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Directed by Yu Sung-kuk, Kim Ji-a
Produced by Kong Seong-ryong
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Hoyeon Yoo