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[VIDEO NEWS] A mother teaches her son a special lesson

June 18,2018
1) When a police officer surnamed Han saw a boy wandering around the police box, he decided to bring him in.

2) The boy was holding something in his hand,

3) which he then handed over to Han.

4) What does it say?

5) It was an apology letter where the boy confessed that he had taken 10,000 won ($9.05) from his mother without telling,

6) and now regrets his actions.

7) The mother, to make sure something like this never happens again,

8) sent her son to the police box to get his letter signed by police officers.

9) “Let’s see.”

10) The officer first explains that stealing money from your mother is a wrong thing to do.

11) Another officer, worried that the boy might panic, comforts him.

12) “Let’s not do this again. I’m going to trust you and sign this.”

13) “I promise I won’t.”

14) “Done!”

15) “Thank you.”

16) “Say you’re sorry to your mother when you get home.”

17) “Say goodbye to the officers.”

18) “Thank you.”

19) “Goodbye.”

20) “Say hi when you run into me again, O.K.?”

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video provided by Guro Police Station
Produced by Police PR Team
Translated by Kim Hyo-jung
Edited by Matthew Silberman