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[VIDEO NEWS] ‘Homyeong Lake,’ a well-known attraction near Seoul

June 27,2018
1) Homyeong Lake in Gapyeong County, Gyeonggi, is our country’s first pump storage power plant. It is an artificial lake made in the peak of Mount Homyeong to store water in the upper part of the plant.

2) The blue water and sky near the peak are reminiscent of Heaven Lake on Mount Paektu in North Korea.

3) There is an electric trolley that takes tourists on a 1.9-kilometer (1.1-mile) path, with rides every 10 minutes.

4) “It’s rare to find this kind of ecosystem and natural environment just about an hour from Seoul.” -Jang Bong-Ik, tour guide

5) “There are many walking paths around the lake for people to enjoy. Eco-friendly, pollution-free electric trolleys make your trip more pleasant.” -Hwang Seung-man, chief officer

6) Homyeong Lake, well known for its beautiful scenery, is the second site of “Gapyeong’s eight famous sites.”

7) Around 130,000 tourists visit it every year and there is no entrance fee.

Video sourced from JTBC
Video directed by Jeon Ick-jin
Video Produced by Park Seung-young
Translated by Chung Yusoo
Edited by Matthew Silberman