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[VIDEO NEWS] A chat with Korean head coach of Vietnamese football team

Sept 18,2018
1) “What do you think about ‘papa leadership?’”

2) “Lots of media are saying I have some kind of leadership, but I hardly think that’s the case. I didn’t try to gain anything. I just tried to respect Vietnamese culture when I first came to Vietnam.” -Park Hang-seo, Korean head coach of the Vietnamese football team

3) “I feel the same toward Vietnamese citizens and players. I try to approach people with sincerity. These players are important to me and I try to treat them well.”

4) “The press is saying that I have papa or big-brother leadership. It was not my intention to be called as such.”

5) “What is the Vietnamese spirit that you want to encourage in players?”

6) “I came across high ranking officials in Vietnam after coaching for U-23 in China. There were always two questions.”

7) “The first one was ‘how did you change your team in three months?’ Second was about the Vietnamese spirit being encouraged now. I’ve heard of Vietnamese spirit during practice, so I was curious about it. I asked the players to define what Vietnamese spirit was. Their first answer was solidarity.”

8) “Next was self-esteem and the third was elegance, but I actually think it was cleverness.”

9) “Then came indomitable fighting spirit. These are the four Vietnamese spirits that the players value.”

10) “One thing I notice is that Vietnamese players have a very high sense of purpose.”

11) “They try to follow the leader’s goals wholeheartedly, so I told them that they have a high sense of purpose.”

12) “So, I call these the five Vietnamese strengths.”

13) “What do South Korea and Vietnam mean to you?”

14) “I’m South Korean. Wherever I go, I am a South Korean. It is a matter of course for me to show courtesy when there is the national anthem of South Korea playing. However, I am also working in Vietnam. I am the head coach of the Vietnamese national football team.”

15) “Therefore, it is also a matter of course for me to show courtesy when the Vietnamese national anthem is playing.”

16) “Soccer fans, I am Park Hang-seo, the head coach of the Vietnamese national football team.”

17) “I show sincere gratitude toward all the fans who have shown support during this year’s Asian Games. I will try my best to keep up the good work of the Vietnamese football team and will also try hard not to let my fans in my country, Korea, down.”

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video produced by Wang Jun-yeol
Translated by Chung Yu-soo
Edited by Josh Doyle