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[VIDEO NEWS] Confused Bengal cat arrives in lawmakers meeting

Oct 11,2018
1) Rep. Kim Jin-tae from the opposition Liberty Korea Party (LKP) brought a Bengal cat into a parliamentary audit on Oct. 10th.

2) “I wanted to bring something similar to the puma that was killed recently. But I thought it would make the puma too uncomfortable.”

3) “Is it right that a National Security Council (NSC) conference at the White House opened yesterday?”- Kim Jin-tae, Rep. from the Liberty Korea Party

4) “It did not. I am a member of the NSC.”-Hong Nam-ki, Chief of the Office for Government Policy Cooperation

5) “The Blue House has dealt with this puma incident more quickly than when North Korea launched missiles.” -Rep. Kim Jin-tae

6) “I’ve heard that the decision to kill the puma was made by experts and agents on the field. I ask for your understanding.” -Hong Nam-ki

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video produced by Park Seung-young
Translated by Chung Yu-soo
Edited by Josh Doyle