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[VIDEO NEWS] Shared economy, reducing oil tax included in gov’t policies meant to boost business

Oct 25,2018
1) Oct. 24, Central Government Complex, central Seoul.

2) “I am going to tell you about this policy in four parts.” -Finance Minister Kim Dong-yeon

3) “First, we are going to enlarge private and public investments to revitalize markets and businesses.”

4) “We will try hard to lift regulations that were imposed on major investments as soon as possible, so that investment projects can move forward.”

5) “At the same time, the government will also begin a program giving out 15 trillion won ($13 billion) for policy finances in 2018.”

6) “Second, we are going to speed up innovative development by solving problems in remote cooperation and the shared economy to accelerate growth.”

7) “The government will clarify the range of medical care services provided by non-medical facilities, so the market of medical care services provided through smartphones etc. can be expanded.”

8) “We are going to expand remote medical treatments from doctors and medical facilities for people suffering from Alzheimer’s or patients with mobility issues living in rural areas or places where medical services aren’t accessible.”

9) “The government will also come up with policies for commercializing new forms of transportation services and shared accommodation facilities within the year.”

10) “Third, we will solve problems in certain industries caused by reduced working hours.”

11) “Through open dialogue, we will come up with ways to alleviate problems caused by reduced working hours such as enlarging flexible working hours, which are only 3 months for now, until the end of the year.”

12) “We are going to stay focused on communicating with markets to solve problems in troubled industries.”

13) “Lastly, we are going to expand support for small and private businesses that are suffering hardships after rises in the price of oil and a slowing of the domestic economy.”

14) “We are going to reduce the oil price by 15 percent from Nov. 6 for six months to relieve small businesses and the self-employed of some 2 trillion won in expenses.”

15) “At the same time, the government is going to strengthen support for certain industries and regions.”

16) “We are going to give out special subsidies for those working in the automobile parts and shipbuilding sectors.”

17) “The government is going to provide six million jobs for youth, middle-aged people and senior citizens and put 3.5 million people into job training.”

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video provided by JTBC
Video produced by Yeo Yun-ha
Edited by Josh Doyle