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[VIDEO NEWS] Behind the scenes with a gaming, animation voice actor

Oct 29,2018
1) Lara from “PriPara,” a Japanese animation short for Prism Paradise.

2) Jibanyan from “Yo-kai Watch,” a Japanese animation.

3) Kangsan, who was the main character of last season’s “Beyblade.”

4) “The character that was loved the most was Diva.”

5) “I’ve done a lot of work as a voice actor.”

6) “Hello, everyone. I’m voice actor Kim Hyun-ji.”

7) “’You have to win if you play!’ Diva would sound something like this, in a Busan dialect.”

8) Tell us a fun experience you had acting Diva.

9) “There were times I listened to the original actress’s version done in Korean. But she made the line sound like she was saying ‘Oh, it’s irritating!’”

10) “It was well done. The pronunciation was accurate and it was good, but it sounded a little bit too unnatural from the perspective of native Koreans.”

11) “I laughed out loud when I first heard it. I say ‘Diva Online’ in Korean style and the foreign actress says it in a more foreign way.”

12) How did you get casted as Diva?

13) “There is a radio program done by my seniors called ‘Over the Radio.’”

14) “I got on that program through a phone call. I was drinking at the time.”

15) “I was excited and I got aired just like that.”

16) “Someone from Blizzard must have heard me on the show and said I matched well with the character Song Ha-na.”

17) “So they contacted and hired me.”

18) “I could barely speak on the phone because I was so excited. It was a funny episode, but it’s a bit embarrassing to talk about.”

19) What are some challenges you face voice acting for Diva of “Overwatch?”

20) “The character Song Ha-na is very unique and she orders people around.”

21) “I tried to understand why she always stands out like that and takes responsibility for such actions. I wanted to express that in my acting.”

22) “Even when Song Ha-na was injured quite severely, the news was saying she was taking a rest or going on holiday. I realized later that it was a reflection of Korean society.”

23) “I found out that when people are working, they might seem bright and good-humored, but they might have personal hardships.”

24) Could you do some Diva lines in a Busan accent?

25) “With all my love, Diva!”

26) “Good bye!”

27) “’You have to win this game!’ How was that?”

28) Diva is a military soldier protecting Korea. Could you show us the soldier side of Diva?

29) “’Communications security, can you repeat?’ ‘Heads up, Daehyun.’”

30) Are there any genres or characters you want to try?

31) “I want to do a heart-broken character who has a very sad story.”

32) “I’ve done cute and bright characters a lot. I want to do one that has a story which I haven’t tried before.”

33) Any last words to our readers?

34) “It has been both a pleasure and an honor to speak with you. Whenever you have questions, come find me.”

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video produced by Kim Rok-an
Translated by Chung Yu-soo
Edited by Josh Doyle