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[VIDEO NEWS] ‘Blood type personalities’ debunked by Korean medical professor

Nov 01,2018
1) Blood type A: Timid and meticulous.

2) Blood type B: Quick-tempered and playful.

3) Blood type O: Clumsy but extroverted.

4) Blood type AB: A genius … or a fool.

5) Does personality have anything to do with blood type?

6) Lim Chae-seung, professor of medicine at Korea University’s Guro Hospital.

7) “Professor, there are only four types of blood, right?”

8) “Blood types are usually classified by the ABO method. Actually, there are lot more than that. There are 70 to 80 if we classify blood types by RH, and if we take minor types, it reaches up to about 500.” -Lim Chae-seung

9) “Does that mean there are 500 personality types?”

10) “It’s a misconception to say blood type influences personality. There might be a similar tendency between the same blood types, but blood types are just proteins that make up the surface of red blood cells. They can’t logically influence a person’s personality.”

11) “Why is blood transfusion between different blood types impossible?”

12) “Blood transfusion is only possible when types of ABO and RH match. If they don’t, cell membranes will be destroyed. There will be kidney trouble, and maybe organ blockage that could be fatal.”

13) “Are there differences between blood types when it comes to getting a disease?”

14) “There’s been a lot of research showing that those with O blood type are more likely to develop gastric cancer and ulcers. Also, there has been research showing other blood types are more likely to develop heart disease than blood type O.”

15) “In the case of malaria, people in the Duffy blood type group are more likely to contract the disease.”

16) “We’ve heard that there is a really rare blood type. What is it?”

17) “In Korea, there is a blood type called Cis-AB. This type only exists in Korea and Japan, and nowhere else.”

18) “Can a blood type change?”

19) “Yes. A new-born baby’s blood is not completely decided yet. One’s blood type is only decided six months after birth. If one goes through serious peritonitis, their blood type could change from O to B.”

20) “When someone contracts leukemia, his or her ABO blood type could be weakened and start to look like O.”

21) “Certain misconceptions about blood types could lead to discrimination and prejudice.”

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video produced by Kim Rok-an
Translated by Chung Yu-soo
Edited by Josh Doyle