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[VIDEO NEWS] How to refuse favors at work.

Nov 12,2018
1) “Are you unable to refuse a favor? Do you find this complicates your life?”

2) “If so, we’ve prepared a guide based on Lee ha-neul’s book that’ll turn you into a pro-refuser in no time.”

3) “It’s easy to turn down a favor from a person you don’t know, but it gets a lot harder when it’s somebody you do know.”

4) “As such, we’ve compiled some tried and tested examples for this guide.”

5) “How to refuse favors at work.”

6) “Mr. Kim.”

7) “Yes, sir.”

8) “What are you doing this weekend? The weather’s nice, we should go hiking. How’s Mount Dobong?”

9) In this instance, show that you’re sorry to have to turn down the favor.

10) “Sir, I’m so sorry, but…”

11) You can explain your rationale to your coworker, detailing why you should turn down the favor and providing your values.

12) “It’s my girlfriend’s birthday this Saturday. Wouldn’t it be better for me to stay with her?”

13) You can also change the atmosphere after your refusal.

14) “What do you call it when Mr. Song-hae, the famous comedian, takes a shower?”

15) “It’s Bbo song Bbo song. [It means fresh and well-cleaned in Korean.]”

16) “Mr. Kim. Let’s have a talk.”

17) Oftentimes, immediately telling a joke after a refusal can worsen the situation.

18) You might find it hard to turn down a cold caller claiming that ‘this won’t last more than five minutes.’

19) It’s a lot easier to refuse a favor when you don’t know the person.

20) Consider survey polls, card registrations and insurance requests. How do you refuse such favors?

21) “Hello?”

22) “Hey there! I’m Park Se-hui from Indirect Satisfaction calling to see if you’re happy with your current plan. Is this a good time?”

23) You don’t have to provide any reason for turning down.

24) “It’s not, I’m actually quite busy at the moment, sorry.”

25) “Is there a better time at which I can call you back?”

26) You don’t have to be ambiguous.

27) “No: my current phone contract hasn’t ended yet. I’m sorry.”

28) “Do you remember when you bought that phone? I can look up the conditions of your contract right away.”

29) You can be direct in refusing the favor.

30) “No, I’m not interested.”

31) You don’t even have to react to all the questions.

32) “Knowing how to refuse is important, but it gets easier when you think about why you should refuse.”

33) Someone who’s asked for one favor is likely to keep asking favors.

34) “People will feel sorry at first, but after some time they’ll become indifferent and get used to asking you favors.”

35) Refusing favors can lead to healthier relationships.

36) “Appropriately refusing a request can minimize possible eventual damage a relationship and the trust therein.”

37) When you find yourself unable to say no to someone, you might begin to resent them.”

38) “When you accept favors excessively, it can make you feel uncomfortable and deepen misunderstandings.”

39) “We are thinking wrongly about refusing favors. It’s not an action of denial against others: a well-worded refusal can protect both you and the other person, thereby helping maintain a healthy relationship.”

40) In this context, refusal is a sign of mutual respect.

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video produced by Park Se-hee, Baik Joo-yeon, Yoon Kang-sik and Oh Da-seul
Translated by Chung Yu-soo
Edited by Liam Reilly