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[VIDEO NEWS] Gangseo District PC murderer is transferred to a police station.

Nov 21,2018
1) Yangcheon police station, Nov. 20

2) “It’s been concluded that you are of sound mind. Would you like to comment on this?” - Reporter.

3) “I’m sorry” - Kim Sung-soo, the Gangseo District PC room murderer.

4) “What do you think about the Ministry of Justice’s ruling judging you to be of sound mind?”- Reporter.

5) “I’m sorry” - Kim

6) “You’ve said that your brother is not an accomplice: why do you think this is? This is important to your brother’s case. Did you use the weapon when your brother was holding the victim?” - Reporter.

7) “No.” - Kim

8) “No?” - Reporter.

9) “No.” - Kim

10) “Then you used the weapon only after the victim had fallen down?” - Reporter

11) “Yes” - Kim

12) “Have you reconsidered your brother’s role in the murder? - Reporter

13) “No.” - Kim

14) “What did you think about during your time in the psychiatric facility?” - Reporter

15) “I’m sorry” - Kim

16) “If you could go back and change everything, would you?” - Reporter

17) “Yes.” - Kim

18) “If you have anything to say to the victim’s family, please go ahead.” - Reporter.

19) “I’m really, really sorry.” - Kim

20) “Please leave a proper comment to the families.” - Reporter.

21) “I’m really, really sorry.” - Kim

22) “Have you repented during the last month?” - Reporter.

23) “Yes.” - Kim

24) “How do you feel now? Do you regret your actions?” - Reporter.

25) “Yes.” - Kim.

26) “It was an accidental crime: why did you commit such a cruel crime?” - Reporter.

27) “I don’t know.” - Kim

28) “Don’t you remember?” - Reporter.

29) “No, I don’t”-Kim

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video produced by Yeo Yun-ha
Translated by Chung Yu-soo
Edited by Liam Reilly