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[VIDEO NEWS] An interview with stylist KimDocs

Dec 05,2018
1) “Hey, I’m film director, beautician and cosmetician KimDocs.” - KimDocs, a famous YouTuber

2) “I wanted to make unique content using ordinary stuff, so I started covering celebrities’ and webtoon characters’ make-ups.” - KimDocs

3) “Like Disney’s princesses: I wanted to bring fantasy worlds into our everyday lives. That was the crux of my scenarios. I think a lot about what viewers want to see: I actually listen to them a lot.” - KimDocs

4) “I even got a national certificate in make-up. I prepared for the test for a long time as I wanted to give professional information to my viewers. Some of my viewers are quite young, so I only produce content that can have a good influence, even if they’re not as interesting.” - KimDocs

5) “Coming up with fresh content consistently requires diligence, but the most important motivational factor is being interested in what you do. I think the power to carry on comes from that.” - KimDocs

6) “We can expand equipment and infrastructure as we go on, so I hope beginners don’t feel burdened about such things and try things they’re genuinely interested in.” - KimDocs

7) “My ultimate goal is to get my films in the movie theaters and to branch out to more platforms in which people can view my content.” - KimDocs

8) “I would like to develop and try on different content.” - KimDocs

9) “Let’s see what’s inside this box.” - A reporter

10) “If I knew that you guys were so interested in this box I’d have pre-arranged its contents.” - KimDocs

11) “So, would you be willing to introduce the box’s contents as you remove them one by one?” - A reporter

12) Full disclosure of KimDocs’s beauty box contents.

13) “I didn’t know what you’d like, so I brought basically everything.” - KimDocs

14) “I’d like to try make-up for middle-aged men.” - A reporter

15) “I’d like to try Elsa’s make-up from the movie, ‘Frozen.’” - A reporter

16) “Let’s experience KimDocs’ magic.” - A reporter

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video produced by Kong Seong-ryong, Hwang Su-bin and Jung Soo-kyung
Translated by Chung Yu-soo
Edited by Liam Reilly