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[VIDEO NEWS] KimDocs uses her K-beauty tips to turn this reporter into Elsa

Dec 06,2018
1) “This is so embarrassing.” - reporter

2) “I’m going to post this photo on Facebook.” - reporter

3) “You’re about to be transformed: How do you feel?” - reporter

4) “I’m quite worried.” - reporter

5) “Let’s start by removing your makeup.” - KimDocs

6) “You’re about to have Elsa’s makeup from the movie ‘Frozen.’ Elsa’s makeup has extremely cool tones.” - KimDocs

7) “First, you have to use a primer. [Primers are used to hide your pores and to ensure that the makeup lasts longer]. You have to apply primer to your T-zone by applying it evenly. To get rid of your skin’s yellow undertones, you have to use a purple primer.” - KimDocs

8) “You look like a character from the film ‘Avatar.’” - A reporter

9) “Since we’re making you up as Elsa, I brought colored contacts.” - A reporter

10) “How should I do this? Are you filming this, too?” - A reporter

11) She’s finally applied the contacts.

12) “Now you’ll apply the foundation.” - KimDocs

13) “Using concealer, you can get rid of any and all blemishes on your skin.” - KimDocs

14) “By applying concealer with a brush, you can hide your dark circles and blemishes. When you apply concealer to the dark circles, don’t put it right underneath your eyes as it might make your makeup look too thick.” - KimDocs

15) “You need to get rid of any streaks. You’ve finished applying a clean layer of makeup on your face.” - KimDocs

16) “Now you have to draw your eyebrows.” - KimDocs

17) “Everybody laughs at me when I draw my eyebrows — they ask me if I draw them with colored pencils.” - reporter

18) “I recommend products with lighter colors. You should first draw the lower part of your brow with a brush since the arch of the brow makes a big difference.” – KimDocs

19) “This will change the color of your brows. A person looks much more sophisticated when the color of their hair matches that of their eyebrows.” - KimDocs

20) “Next, you have to contour. Contouring is a makeup technique used to give more depth to your face by outlining your face with colors slightly darker than your actual skin color, namely on your temples, the sides of your nose and your jaw.” - KimDocs

21) “You should use your brush like this. If you do this to someone with a wide forehead, this technique will make it look narrower. If you start from the middle of your cheek, it might look like you have a mustache.” - KimDocs

22) “You should first apply it to your jawline. Then, apply the shade using a downward stroke. To make the shading stand out more, you can use a highlighter. If you brush it like this, it can erase the shading, so you should make the tip stand like this.” - KimDocs

23) “Next, we need to do the eyes. This is the most difficult and important part of Elsa’s makeup. You should first apply eye primer. People normally don’t use this, but this makes a huge difference in how long the makeup lasts.” - KimDocs

24) “This is the purple makeup we’ve all been waiting for. You should first apply a light purple shadow across the whole lid; then you should accent this by using a darker purple shadow. Exactly, you’re doing a great job.” - KimDocs

25) “You’ve definitely improved! There should be more of an accent. Let’s apply pearl (a term used in Korea for strobe highlighters) in the middle of your eyes. You should apply it in the middle of your lid because, if you spread them out, your eyes might look puffy.” - KimDocs

26) “Now, you should draw your eyeliner to complete the look. Elsa’s eyes tip upwards. So if you draw from the inside out, this can make it harder to draw the makeup because of the wrinkles on your eyes. So, you should draw it from the outside in.” - KimDocs

27) ”This brush broke.” - reporter

28) “When you do this for the first time, it’s easy to pull out your eyelashes by mistake, isn’t it?” - reporter

29) “Exactly, so you shouldn’t press too hard at first. If you feel any pain, fix its positioning and try again. You can get a little curl with mascara. Lastly, you should use [stick-on rhinestones]. It looks like you should be going to a party!” - KimDocs

30) How is the completed look?

31) “When would I ever have the chance to do this? Thanks to KimDoc, I feel like I transformed completely.” - reporter

32) “Even I was surprised! The makeup suited her more than I expected it to. She was also good at following my directions.” - KimDocs

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video produced by Kong Seong-ryong, Jeong Soo-kyung and Hwang Su-bin
Translated by Chung Yu-soo
Edited by Liam Reilly and Hoyeon Yoo