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[VIDEO NEWS] How this creator became Instagram-famous with her ‘home cafe’

Dec 11,2018
1) You can make your own cafe anywhere with just a white tablecloth and a desk.

2) Let me tell you how.

3) I enjoyed touring around cafes after work when I worked in a company.

4) However, every time I went to a cafe, I always thought that the drinks were too expensive compared to their size.

5) So, I decided to make drinks of my own.

6) First, I started buying small plates and props. At my “home cafe,” I could enjoy drinks that suited my taste exactly.

7) I enjoyed having drinks every morning when I was working [at my old office.] When I resigned and was looking for another job, I had more time to make videos of my drinks. I updated the videos and photos on my Instagram account. Many people seemed to like them.

8) There were also some criticisms. But, there were always people who encouraged me. I have gotten used to all kinds of feedback now.

9) I mostly drink the beverages I make. My favorite is the “Malpogato,” which is matcha ice cream with coffee.

10) When you have an espresso with thin layers of ice cream, it feels like a slushie or ice flakes with syrup.

11) Another favorite is the “Choco” latte with chocolate covering the outside layer of the cup. If you put a scoop of ice cream on top of the sticky chocolate latte base, it’s just perfect.

12) Some recipes weren’t as good as expected. One of them was latte with macarons. Maybe it was because I didn’t like the soggy texture. Eating macarons with milk was not that great.

13) I started receiving a lot of attention whenever I uploaded a new video. The number of views and followers I had skyrocketed.

14) I became certain that I wanted to do more of what I was good at. Instead of preparing for another office job, I started filling up my Instagram account with videos of my drinks. I started getting paid for it soon afterward. When things are going great, I sometimes buy expensive fruit [and showcase them on my Instagram account].

15) In particular, people preparing to run cafes of their own came to me asking for recipes or classes.

16) I wasn’t so confident then. Those who have tasted my drinks told me that they were tasty, so I gathered my recipes and opened a class.

17) I hope to develop new drinks and communicate with more people as making cafe drinks at home becomes a wider known hobby. My ultimate goal is to open up a cafe of my own with my parents. If you are planning to run a business, I highly recommend you do a lot of research first.

18) Think carefully about what you do best. How about developing that talent of yours by challenging it? I won’t forget how I started and keep on making delicious desserts. I wish the best for people who are about to start something new.

19) A recipe for caffe mocha

20) This is a recipe for people who aren’t the biggest fans of coffee.

21) Caffe mochas should have milk. Pour in a mixture of espresso with chocolate syrup, and then you’re done. It is simple to make, but it tastes like coffee and chocolate at the same time. Lots of people find it tasty.

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video produced by Park Se-hee and Baik Joo-yeon
Translated by Chung Yu-soo
Edited by Hoyeon Yoo