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[VIDEO NEWS] Ad tips from an industry professional and a famous YouTuber

Dec 13,2018
1) He’s a man with over 10 million views, the master of narrativized twists: Lee Chae-hun, the creative director of Cheil Worldwide.

2) “I really like the expression, ‘Go the extra step.’ An ad made from the everyday person’s average thought won’t hold much power. You need to give the thought an extra twist. If it follows a particular trend, you can elicit great reactions.” - Lee Chae-hun, the creative director of Cheil Worldwide

3) “For example, I thought about how to rebrand idol group Wanna One’s image in an ad they did with Gmarket. I wanted to completely alter their image, so I used traditional Korean paintings as the ad’s backdrop and sound codes that resemble old poetry readings to alter the trendy group’s hypermodern image.” - Lee

4) “My intent was to give Wanna One fans what they want: scarcity. The pictorials sold quite a bit.” - Lee

5) “I wrote my Master’s thesis on making advertisements from puns. Wordplay stimulates individuals and often remains imbedded in their memories.” - Lee

6) “Banana milk, for example, is often stereotyped as a product solely consumed by middle aged men. I wanted to break that stereotype.” - Lee

7) “In the ad we ran, a new employee walks into their company. Their boss looks very stern, but then he drinks a banana milk. That’s the twist: the stern boss instantly becomes likable. If the twist is appealing, consumers will fall in love with the product. That’s how the copyright ‘You can’t help falling for this, can you?’ was made.” - Lee

8) “The Burger King ad we made runs the line ‘It’s shrimp. It’s shrimp!’ [Shrimp in Korean is saewu, which also means to ‘park a vehicle.’] The ad was for the BK shrimp burger. There were quite a few visual elements in the ad that made the ingredient — shrimp — pop.” - Lee

9) “When the man in the car’s back seat yells ‘Saewurago,’ four shrimp walk in front of his speeding car during a serious downpour. I used rain given that shrimp are crustaceans.” - Lee

10) “We call this use of wording an ‘Easter Egg.’ As an ad creator, I try to hide similar fun elements in all my ads. Sounds are important too, especially in gastronomic ads. The sound of somebody eating can make viewers’ mouths water.” - Lee

11) “I’d never be able to abandon analog sentiments. When you read newspapers, you see everything in one light, and that’s certainly an advantage. Phones are necessarily limited by the size of their screens. When you scroll to the next page, you often forget immediately forget the content you just consumed. That’s why I spend as much time as I do reading the paper every morning: they help inspire me — they help me come up with new ideas.” - Lee

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video produced by Wang Jun-yeol
Translated by Chung Yu-soo
Edited by Liam Reilly