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New Sonata finally hits the road after 2-week delay

Apr 09,2019
Hyundai Motor started rolling out its eighth-generation Sonata sedan on Monday after two weeks of delay due to quality control issues.

The automaker confirmed Monday that it had finished quality inspections and that the vehicles were being delivered.

“There are no further changes to the Sonata delivery schedule,” said a Hyundai Motor press officer.

While the new Sonata received enthusiastic consumer response, recording over 12,000 pre-orders prior to its official launch on March 21, the automaker found issues with the model’s noise, vibrations and harshness in driving.

The delay has weighed on the automaker’s plans of a complete renewal for the model that has recorded declining sales in recent years.

Hyundai Motor added in a statement on its website that the new Sonata models that were manufactured prior to the inspections will be used internally by the company.

By Chae Yun-hwan